The reproduction of Jones’s go-to 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom, described by the guitarist as “one of my top favourite guitars of all time”, is the latest joint effort between Epiphone and Gibson Custom Shop. The special collaboration between these two guitar powerhouses aims to introduce premium yet more affordable versions of iconic signature instruments.

Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom Specs and Hardware

As you might expect from this unique meeting of minds, the Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom is jam-packed with a host of high-end features. The mahogany body is capped with a maple top, all finished in the guitarist’s preferred Antique Sunburst. The instrument’s three-piece maple neck comes in a special Adam Jones Custom profile (akin to a C profile) paired with an eye-catching ebony fretboard.

Hardware-wise, the piece includes a Custombucker pickup in the neck position, a Seymour Duncan® Distortion® in the bridge, CTS® potentiometers, and Orange Drop® capacitors. The instrument’s appearance is rounded off with a traditional Gibson “open book” headstock profile, complete with custom artwork designed by Joyce Su and Jones himself on the rear of the headstock. In another nice touch of authenticity, a two-inch convex mirror is included in the Deluxe Protector Series hardshell case. As Tool fans may be aware, Adam Jones has such a mirror on his touring guitar - a spontaneous truckstop purchase that he uses to reflect stage lighting in an eye-catching manner.

How Much Is the Epiphone Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom?

Going to market at $1,499, the Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom is priced a level above most of your everyday Epiphones. Still, coming in at around $1,000 less than the Gibson Adam Jones Les Paul Standard, and with many similar design features and hardware specs, the Epiphone model offers the chance to save a decent wedge of your hard-earned while still picking up a quality instrument.

Who Is Adam Jones?

Adam Jones
Image source: deep ghosh via Wikimedia Commons

Adam Jones is an American guitarist and visual artist. In the world of music, he’s best known as the guitarist for Tool, a Grammy award-winning alternative metal/art rock band. The band are famed for their use of odd time signatures, tribal beats, and complex polyrhythms, along with enigmatic lyrics that cover a range of social and political issues.

Outside of music, Jones is also an accomplished visual artist. With a background working as a sculptor and special effects designer, he would go on to work at Rick Lazzarini’s Character Shop before being involved in makeup and set design for several blockbuster movies, including Jurassic Park, Batman Returns, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Dances with Wolves,and Ghostbusters II. Furthermore, he has also been the creative vision behind many of Tool’s own music videos, where he particularly favours stop motion animated filmmaking.

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Whether you’re a lover of all things Tool or just on the hunt for a versatile, high-quality instrument that looks classically cool and won’t break the bank, the Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom could be the axe for you. But if you’re yet to find your perfect Epiphone guitar, what are you waiting for? Head over to our Finder tool, specify all your guitar must-haves, and find your perfect guitar today.