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Sapele wood texture.

Is Sapele a Good Alternative to Mahogany?

While guitar makers are hunting for new eco-friendly materials, several candidates have already established themselves as excellent alternatives to the increasingly unsustainable OG tonewoods. In this article, we'll take a closer look at one such substitute and ask: is sapele a good alternative to mahogany?

Basswood wood texture.

Is Basswood Any Good for Guitars?

If ever a tonewood could divide opinion, it's basswood! Maligned by some and respected by others, it has been widely used in guitar-making for decades, and often to great effect. But what is basswood? In this article, we'll look at all the facts and help you answer the question: is basswood any good for guitars?

Ovangkol wood texture.

What is Ovangkol?

A relative newcomer to the tonewood scene, ovangkol was popularised by the legendary Taylor Guitars and has been making waves as part of the next generation of sustainable guitar woods. But precisely what is ovangkol? In this article, we'll look at all the facts and help you decide if it's the tonewood for you.

Alder wood texture.

Are Alder Guitars Good?

A Fender favourite since the 1950s, alder has been one of the most popular woods used in guitar-making for decades. In this article, we’ll discuss all things alder and examine why you might want to consider picking up an alder guitar.

Mahogany wood acoustic guitar.

Everything About Mahogany as a Tonewood

It might not be as sexy as some of the exotic newcomers, like sassafras, ovangkol, or Myrtlewood, but mahogany is one of the OG tonewoods - and with good reason.

Rosewood wood acoustic guitar fretboard.

What’s So Special About Rosewood Tonewood?

One of the true classic tonewoods, rosewood has been hugely influential in the guitar-making world for decades.